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End-of-Life Health Care

The Advance Directive for Health Care can be used to ensure your wishes are followed if you later become incapacitated and incapable of making an informed decision regarding your health care. If you signed a Directive to Physicians or other Advance Directive for Health Care under Oklahoma law prior to 2006, it is recommended that you complete the new Advance Directive because of additional options under the current law.

The Advance Directive requires two witnesses who are eighteen years or older and not named in your will or related to you. It does not have to be filed with any official or office to be effective. You should retain originals accessible at home and make copies for your doctor and family members.

Your use of this statutory Advance Directive form should be based on your personal health care situation and prior consultation with your physician and attorney. Nothing on this page should be considered as legal advice for an individual situation. Please consult your attorney for individual advice.

Contact Information:
Health Policy Coordinator: Jan Preslar 522-4387

Download the form:
An updated Advance Directive form and related information is available on the internet at Palliative-Care or by contacting:

Oklahoma Palliative Care Resource Center
University of Oklahoma
College of Medicine, Department of Family & Preventative Medicine
900 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

More Information:

Oklahoma Bar Association Advance Directive FAQ:

Your right to decide: Oklahoma's Advance Directive & Other Health Care Planning Tools Consumer's Guide
Available at http://www.oklahomaseniorlaw.org or http://www.oumedicine.com/familymedicine/oklahoma-palliative-care-resource-center

2005 End of Life Healthcare Report

Improving End-of-Life Care: The Role of Attorneys General

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