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Attorney General Pruitt Issues Comments for U.S. State Department Public Hearing on TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline

Pipeline is best solution to crude oil oversupply at Cushing Hub

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt today expressed his support of the TransCanada Keystone Pipeline with a written statement* and a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, outlining the economic and national security benefits of the Keystone XL.

“The Keystone pipeline is critical to resolving the glut of crude oil at the Cushing Hub in northern Oklahoma – the most significant trading hub for crude oil in North America. There is no reason Cushing should have millions of barrels of crude oil stored in tanks instead of getting to refineries and consumers who need it. The pipeline will rectify this problem,” Pruitt said.

“Along with shoring up national security by reducing dependence on foreign oil, the pipeline will provide a tremendous economic benefit and much-needed jobs for Oklahoma communities while following the strictest environmental guidelines for a pipeline project in our nation’s history.”

*Attorney General Pruitt will not appear in person.


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