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Consumer Tip

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone obtains important personal information, such as your social security number, banking or credit card account numbers and uses that information to commit fraud or theft.

Although there is nothing that will protect you one hundred percent, you can do things to decrease your odds of becoming a victim.

– Never give out credit card or personal information over the telphone unless you made the call.
– Destroy any documents that contain credit card or bank account information.
– Review all bank and credit card statements for errors or unauthorized charges.
– Don’t use your social security number for your driver license number.
– Destroy pre-approved credit card applications. Make sure that it is impossible for a thief to get the pieces from the trash and reassemble the documents.
– Beware when entering a contest or signing up for something “free”. Your personal information could be sold.
– If you purchase pre-printed checks, pick them up at the bank rather than having them mailed to your home.
– Check your credit report once a year.
– Make on-line purchases only on secure sites.
– Don’t use easily available information (birth date, last four of your social security number, phone number) as PIN numbers on accounts.

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