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About Scott Pruitt

Attorney General-elect Scott Pruitt has always been a man of values, and a man of action. As a child playing baseball, Scott put to use the values of hard work and perseverance, and was able to take a game and turn it into a college education at the University of Kentucky. And it did not stop there.

After working his way through law school at the University of Tulsa, General Pruitt ventured into private practice. Instead of taking the traditional route, however, Pruitt specialized in Constitutional Law.

In 1998, frustrated at the problems he saw in state government, Pruitt decided to take on the political establishment and was elected to the State Senate serving the area of Broken Arrow.

During General Pruitt's early years in the State Senate, he passed the Religious Freedoms Act. Through General Pruitt’s leadership, Oklahoma became among the first group of states to pass this type of act that makes it more difficult for a government to burden an individual's practicing of his or her faith, even in the public square.

Pruitt also served as Assistant Republican Floor Leader for four years. He was the leading spokesperson for workers’ compensation reform, championed lawsuit reform, greater accountability for government spending and traditional, faith-based values, including allowing faith-based organizations to partner with the state in helping prisoners successfully re-integrate into society after their sentences were fulfilled.

From 2002 to 2010, Pruitt was co-owner and managing general partner of the Oklahoma City Redhawks triple-A baseball team in Oklahoma City. The team regularly rates among the league’s leaders in attendance and merchandise sales.

Scott and Marlyn, his wife of twenty years, are raising two children, McKenna and Cade in Broken Arrow. The Pruitt’s are members of First Baptist, Broken Arrow, where Pruitt serves as Deacon.

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